"Don't Be Afraid...": What Yash Dayal's Father Told Him After Rinku Singh Hit Him For Five Sixes In IPL 2023

On Sunday, Gujarat Titans bowler Yash Dayal was the victim of Kolkata Knight Riders batter Rinku Singh's batting brilliance in IPL 2023. The bowler let up five sixes on the final five balls of the game, causing GT to lose a game that was well in hand. Dayal was noticeably frustrated with himself after failing to preserve 29 runs in the last over, despite Rinku's brilliant performance in leading KKR to victory. In a recent interview, Yash's father Chanderpaul, who was a fast bowler in the Vizzy Trophy in the late 1980s, revealed what he told his son following the dismal performance."'Ghabraana nahi (Do not be afraid)'." 'This is not a new phenomenon in cricket,' I said. Bowlers are being struck. It has occurred to professional bowlers. Simply put in the effort, examine your blunders, and realise that this is not the first time it has happened in cricket. "Big players like Malinga and Stuart Broad have been through it," Chenderpaul remarked in an interview with The Indian Express.

Umesh Yadav took a single with 29 runs needed in the last over to give Rinku the strike. What followed was pure mayhem as the batting southpaw smashed five sixes in the final five balls to send his team home on the final ball of the game.

While Rinku's initial two of sixes appeared to be consoling, he continued the attack to convince his teammates that there was an outside change. Rinku had pulled off a virtually impossible triumph before GT and the fans could comprehend what was occurring on the ground.

Apr 11, 2023 2:43 PM