Departing Mustafizur Rahman thanks MS Dhoni After BCB’s ‘nothing to learn from IPL’ claim

Mustafizur Rahman’s IPL 2024 journey is over. The pacer has left the Chennai Super Kings camp as his No Objection Certificate issued by the Bangladesh Cricket Board ended on May 1. Before parting ways, the Bangladeshi star thanked CSK legend MS Dhoni.

Mustafizur has been called back as the BAN vs ZIM T20I series starts  May 3. Interestingly, he won’t participate in the 5-man series as he’s been rested to manage his workload ahead of the T20 World Cup 2024. However, a couple of weeks ago, BCB cricket operations chairman Jalal Yunus claimed that he’s returning because there’s ‘nothing to learn from the IPL‘.

But it seems like Mustafizur Rahman disagrees with his own board’s official, as he thanked MS Dhoni for having faith in him and giving him valuable tips. 

Jalal Yunus claimed that Mustafizur Rahman is coming back so that his fellow teammates can take lessons from him. While talking with the Daily Star, he said:

“Mustafizur has nothing to learn from playing in the IPL. Mustafizur’s learning process is over. Rather, there are many players in IPL who can learn from him. Bangladesh will not benefit from this.”

“Our concern is Mustafizur’s fitness. They want to take 100 per cent from him. They don’t have a headache about his fitness, but we do. The reason we are bringing back Mustafizur is not just to play in the Zimbabwe series, but if he is brought here, we will plan him with the workload. But that plan won’t happen if he’s in IPL.”


May 3, 2024 1:13 PM