Demands for CSK vs. KKR tickets are high as fans pay homeless and students to stand in line for the last home game of MS Dhoni

For now, it is not clear whether MS Dhoni will retire or play another season in the Indian Premier League. But no one wants to take the chance, as the Chennai Super Kings are going to play their last official home game against the Kolkata Night Riders at the MA Chidambaram Stadium on Sunday, and hundreds are queuing up for tickets for the night. But the surprise is that most of them are not even going to watch the CSK vs. KKR match because there are mere proxies for passionate fans who can afford to watch.
According to the news report, for the lowest price, which is Rs. 1500, the long queue has homeless people, daily workers, and students who are earning Rs. 800 so that others can watch the game. They can purchase two tickets each, and some of them are buying tickets to sell on the black market at a higher cost, with markups going as high as 200 to 300%.
One of the passionate fans who work in the IT company in Chennai, Srinivas Ganesan, said, "You can say it’s unethical and fueling black marketing, but that’s the only option I think I have to watch the match. I tried on PayTM Insider and the CSK websites, but all are sold out. I have an off day on Sunday and don’t want to miss out on the match. If I can get a ticket for $500 extra, why not? The person I paid is also earning something; it’s a win-win."

May 13, 2023 3:46 AM