Deep Dasgupta says, 'Selectors have to figure out their expectations from Ajinkya Rahane'

Deep Dasgupta says that the selectors need to figure out their expectations from Ajinkya Rahane after his failure on day one of the second test match against the West Indies. Rahane had made a strong return to the team during the finals of the WTC, but his poor performance on the tour of the West Indies has again put him in question. He had scored 11 runs in the first inning and 8 runs in the second inning.
Deep Dasgupta, while talking about Rahane, said, "Now, the challenge for the selectors is, uh, he played a really good knock in the WTC finals. He looked really compact. But then that's followed by three, rather three innings, right?"
He further said, "Yeah, three innings of not really much substance. And then what? I mean, the selectors have to figure out what they want from Ajinkya Rahane. What are their expectations of Ajinkya Rahane?"
Dasgupta also said that, "So I, I think it's very, very important for, uh, the selectors to figure out their expectations. And it's quite surprising that, uh, he's been made the vice captain of this series as well, which I thought was quite surprising after making a comeback in the WTC finals."
While concluding his statement, he said, "But for me, I think, if it's going to be like that, a 70-80, then you know, three test matches of single digits or whatever or low scores, is that what you expect from somebody as senior as him? Somebody who's played so much cricket or more He looks really good in one inning, one test match, and then three innings, or rather, 3–4 test matches. He does not show up."



Jul 21, 2023 12:14 PM