Cummins performs a miracle, and Australia defeats England by two wickets

England appeared to be on their way to win when they reduced Australia to 209/7 in pursuit of a total of 281. When Australia was 227/8, it appeared like they were home and clear, but Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon pulled off an incredible combination to take Australia over the line. Cummins was unbeaten on 44 off 73 balls, Lyon was unbeaten on 16 off 28 balls, and the pair combined for 55 runs off 72 balls for the ninth wicket.Huge all week, outnumbered but persevering. It's been fantastic. [What were your chances as you stepped out to bat?] The wicket wasn't overrun by devils, so it was really nice. I believed it was well within our reach. [Lyon 4 off Broad] I stared at him, and he passed by, saying, 'Nice shot, Garry!' I believe he was content. [Australian strategy] The series' brilliance is that both teams discussed their respective styles. We'll each play to our own strengths. I'm not sure which is better, but it's entertaining. [Khawaja] He kept his cool and played his own style without getting swept up. It's been great the last several years to have someone like that in the middle for others to play with. I'm overjoyed for him. Everyone else attempted to play their part, but he had a fantastic feel for the wicket. [Lyon] He's massive in both innings. He's played 120 Tests, he takes crucial wickets, he's a legend. He keeps his cool and gets on with his task. [Compensation for Headingley 2019?] I have no idea what you're talking about, pal!""I was very proud to take it all the way to the end of day five, to have all the emotions, it was so up and down." It's yet another game we'll never forget being a part of. That's exactly what we want to do: keep folks on the edge of their seats. Hopefully, we've piqued the interest of a few more people to watch the Ashes for the next four games. A loss is still a loss. We've already stated our intentions. Losing hurts, and winning feels amazing. We'll keep moving forward if we believe the moment is appropriate, and if we wind ourselves on the wrong side of results like these, we won't have anything to complain about. [Declaration] That was an opportunity to pounce on Australia; no batsman wants to go out for 20 minutes at the end of the day, and I saw a chance to grab two wickets. [Injury to Moeen] It would have been nice to have Moeen, but I believe Rooty did an excellent job. I advised Mo to let me know if his finger hurt. I have no issues about his putting himself past the pain barrier. [Root] It's incredible that your senior batter performed so well yesterday. The game was on the line, and his bravery in going out and playing as he did was incredible. Robbo and Broady's final effort and energy were tremendous. 

Jun 20, 2023 6:22 PM