Coach Igor Stimac Fires Shots: We In India Not Living In Real World

Igor Stimac, the head coach of the Indian football team, is still dissatisfied despite the fact that his squad has won the Intercontinental Cup and the SAFF Championship. The team's development hasn't satisfied the Croatian coach, who just witnessed some of his players play some of their best football. In an interview, Stimac made a pretty direct statement, stating that Indian football is still not competitive on a global scale and that significant changes must be implemented.

Stimac stated that he "is not happy" despite India winning the SAFF Championship and the Intercontinental Cup.

"The boys are carrying over their poor ISL habits. The latter third of decision-making is subpar. When shooting to score is required, they try to pass, he told the Times of India, addressing certain problems on the team.

"Some things must change, and change quickly. My strategy needs to be unequivocally accepted, and it needs to happen soon. Our debate about that must wait until January, according to Stimac, whose contract with the national team expires after the Asian Cup in 2019.

Stimac forewarned the Indian football community that if proactive measures are not promptly adopted, the gap between the national squad and other top teams will further widen.

"In India, we don't really exist in the actual world. If we take our time, the distance between us and the rest of our competition will only widen. We must choose between playing in India and being content or leaving to try to compete on a global scale.

The Croatian also emphasised the necessity for India to release players early for the national team rather than just five days prior to the start of an event because the players require more time to settle in.The FIFA rule that players can be released just five days before a competition won't work, though. The best players in the world play by those guidelines. And we are not even close to that.
Stimac does not want Sunil Chhetri to hang up his boots, at least not while he is in charge of the national squad.
"At the very least while I'm here, I want him to play for the national team. I would stop at nothing to keep Sunil playing, unlike some who inquire about his impending retirement. I had known his age ever when I first joined. His physical condition, dedication, desire, hunger, and leadership abilities are what matter, though. India has never had a player like him.

Jul 9, 2023 10:49 AM