CEO of CSK highlights the Dhoni factor at the IPL 2024 auction

The CEO of Chennai Super Kings reflected on the strategy of the team at the IPL 2024 auction and revealed the side got all the players ‘Thala’ MS Dhoni wanted. There’s hardly any doubt that the captain of CSK wouldn’t have been very clear about the side’s picks, even though he did not participate in the auction. Reflecting on their day at the auction, a jubilant CSK CEO, Kasi Viswanathan, explained how they had perfectly executed their plans.
In a video uploaded by CSK on X, the CSK CEO noted that the team had picked up good players at the mini-auction. More importantly, he highlighted that ‘Thala’ Dhoni got all the players he was targeting and said that it was their biggest luck.
Watch the video here.
He further backed the side to perform well in IPL 2024, placing full faith in MS Dhoni, and hoped for a positive outcome. Revealing that he was looking forward to seeing MSD bat, he said that the fans were also expecting the same and predicted the year to be a ‘very good one’ as Dhoni had the players he liked.



Dec 20, 2023 10:38 AM