Captain Cool MS Dhoni arrives in Chennai to join CSK’s pre-IPL 2024 camp

The captain of Chennai Super Kings, MS Dhoni, has arrived in Chennai to join the pre-IPL 2024 practice camp. Dhoni was supposed to join on March 1. However, he was busy attending the pre-wedding bash for Anant Ambani in Jamnagar.
He has had bits and pieces of practice since his knee injury. However, he is 100% fit now, and the camp will help him get back into the groove. It is likely to be Dhoni’s last season, even though there is no official confirmation on that yet. Dhoni has, however, broken his social media silence, hinting at a new role.
There has always been a mystery surrounding MS Dhoni and his future. While he did pass on the captaincy to Ravindra Jadeja, it only lasted eight matches before he returned to lead the side. Now, within the team, there are not many options. Ben Stokes seemed like a potential candidate, but that gamble did not work out well due to his injury struggles.
However, with IPL 2025 heading to a mega auction, the Chennai Super Kings will need a squad overhaul. And that is when MS Dhoni is likely to pass on the baton.


Mar 5, 2024 1:40 PM