Bowler Completes Never-See-Before Catch with the Help of Non-Striker End

In a never-seen-before incident in the T20 Blast, a weird scene happened as a bowler completed a catch on his own bowling, but after getting some help from the non-striker batter. Leicstershire's Colin Ackermann was caught by Steven Mullaney, but not before Wiaan Mulder helped him while standing at the non-striker's end. While it was pure bliss for Mullaney, both Mulder and Ackermann were left in shock by the way in which the dismissal took place.
Watch the video here.
The dismissal happened on the first ball of the 13th over by Mullaney, on which Ackermann tried to play a shot straight down the wicket. He ended up hitting the ball in the air, straight to Mullaney, who failed to grab the ball at first. But, moments later, he successfully managed to catch the ball, thanks to Mulder. The ball bounced out of Mullaney's hands and hit Mulder before landing safely in the hands of the bowler again. Thanks to the unexpected help, Mullaney had a wicket to his name.


Jun 21, 2023 12:35 PM