Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh meets MS Dhoni, affectionately referring to him as “big brother.”

In a delightful rendezvous that left fans buzzing with excitement, Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh recently spent quality time with none other than the legendary former captain of Indian cricket team MS Dhoni in Mumbai. The memorable meeting of these two icons quickly went viral on the social media platform with their heartwarming camaraderie.

Taking to his popular Instagram handle, Ranveer shared a captivating series of photographs capturing the essence of their special meet up. One particular snapshot, filled with affection and camaraderie, stood out in this frame, Ranveer could be seen planting an affectionate kiss on Dhoni’s cheek, a gesture that truly conveyed their deep bond. In another sweet photo, which featured the dynamic duo flashing their brightest smiles, radiating positivity and warmth, and reminding fans of the magic they create together,

In his Instagram post, Ranveer affectionately referred to Dhoni as his “big brother” and showered him with admiration and love, reflecting the profound mutual respect they share.

Ranveer shared the post with a caption that read, “Mera Mahi @mahi7781#hero#icon#legend#goat#bigbrother."

It is to be noted that Dhoni sported his now-famous new look during this encounter, characterized by his distinct and stylish long hairstyle, which has been a topic of much discussion among fans.


Oct 6, 2023 5:22 AM