Blunt Take of Former Spinner Harbhajan Singh on World Cup Selection

The Team India tour of the West Indies has served as a platform for some youngsters to show their talent at the highest level, but it did not paint a convincing picture in the minds of the cricketing fraternity, especially considering the forthcoming ODI World Cup. The legendary spinner of team India, Harbhajan Singh, while talking about the defeat against the West Indies in the T20I series, said that it was a shocker. It seems to have played a role in him deciding which players should be picked for the ODI World Cup.
Harbhajan didn't shy away from admitting the fact that the likes of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma won't be with the Indian team for long. Hence, there needs to be a strong push towards finding those who will spearhead the team in the future.
In a video on his YouTube channel, he said, "I thought India would win that series easily. But the result has left many shocked and concerned. I was taken aback as well because the West Indies, a team that did not make the World Cup, beat us. This is indeed a big achievement for the West Indies, but a major concern for India. Yes, Kohli and Rohit weren't there; they won't stay for long, but this young brigade that had toured the West Indies has learned a lot from this. I previously said that India can make 2-3 teams, and they still can, but the results are yet to reflect."
He also said that "KL Rahul is a proven player, and if you want to see him in the World Cup squad, this is the right time to bring him back." .


Aug 18, 2023 3:12 PM