Blunt Admission of Australian Captain Pat Cummins on 91 for 7

When the captain of the Australian cricket team, Pat Cummins, walked at 91 for 7 in a chase of 292 against Afghanistan, all he thought was of somehow getting to 200 so that the net run-rate remained in a decent zone before the final World Cup game against Bangladesh. But Glenn Maxwell had other ideas as the Australian captain watched the "greatest ODI innings" unfold in front of his eyes, with his partner hitting an unbelievable 201 not out off 128 balls to take his team to the semi-final of the global event.
Cummins was honest enough to admit that he thought winning was out of question, as he said, "When I went out there, I thought if we can somehow scratch the 200, our net run rate should be pretty good for the semi-final. When Maxi got his 100, I kind of thought, Wow, we are within 120 or something. And then I still thought, No way.”
He further said, “I think Maxi might be a bit different. I think he is always plotting his way to a win. I think even when 200 runs out, he was kind of mapping out how he was going to do it. I was just trying to survive.”



Nov 9, 2023 8:15 AM