Blind men's and women's teams make India proud at the World games

While displaying amazing energy, strength, perseverance, and skills, the blind cricket teams of India, both men and women, have made the nation proud by qualifying for the finals of the International Blind Sports Federation World Games 2023. India is the only country to have both men's and women's cricket teams in the finals of the IBSA World Games.
The challenges faced by the blind cricket teams go beyond the boundaries of the cricket pitch. Each run they score and each wicket they take are a result of their hard work, hours of practice, and sheer commitment to making the nation proud.
Although for the women's team it was easy to reach the finals, for the men's team they had to fight quite hard in order to reach the finals. India had lost the first match against Pakistan by 18 runs, but they didn't lose hope as they made their comeback against Australia to win the next match.
In the end, Bangladesh's cricket team was fined 26 penalty runs, which eventually took India's score to 165/7 in 17 overs while helping them win the match. Now both the men's and women's cricket teams are going to play in the final after a lot of hard work.

Aug 26, 2023 11:05 AM