Blazing Comment of Javed Miandad on BCCI over the Asia Cup Row

Former captain of team Pakistan, Javed Miandad, has launched a fresh attack on the BCCI for refusing to send their team to tour Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023. He has been highly critical of India's reservations about coming to Pakistan to play cricket and did not hold back after the ACC approved the 'hybrid model' for the Asia Cup, as per which India will play all its matches in Sri Lanka. This proposal has not pleased Miandad, who insists that Pakistan should boycott travelling to India unless the Indian cricket team visits them to play a series.

Miandad said, "Pakistan has been to India in 2012, and even in 2016, now it is the turn of the Indians to come here. If I had to make a decision, I would never go to India to play any match, even the World Cup. We are always ready to play them, but they never respond in the same manner. Pakistan cricket is bigger, and we are still producing quality players. India can go to hell. I don't think even if we don't go to India, it will make any difference to us."

He also points out, "I always say one can't choose its neighbors, so it is better to live by cooperating with each other. And I have always said cricket is a sport that brings people closer to each other and can remove misunderstandings and grievances between countries. It was on the cards that they would again not send their team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, so it is time we also take a strong stand now."


Jun 19, 2023 12:42 PM