Big Statement of Ex-BCCI Selector’s On Mayank Yadav, And Why He Is Not Yet Ready For India

The young fast bowler Mayank Yadav has taken the Indian Premier League by storm with his undeniable pace. But he has missed the last two games for LSG because of work overload issues.

Devang Gandhi, the head coach of Delhi's Ranji Trophy team, feels Mayank, a player who has followed from close quarters, hasn't ticked all the boxes yet to become eligible for an India cap.

Gandhi said, "He is a special talent. Somebody who clocks 155 kmph is special. So obviously, with the impact that the body goes through, there will be injuries, but it is not that they can't be managed. There has to be a way of grooming him. He will have to play more matches and go through the rigors, and then it needs to be assessed as to how he is able to withstand that.”

“But he has to tick all the boxes if he wants to play for India in the upcoming World Cup. He can be better accessed if he can play all 12 or 14 matches in the IPL. Selectors need to see a lot of parameters, and if they can tick most of those boxes, then he will merit a selection. Then again, the ball is in Mayank’s court, and he has to prove himself.”

While concluding his statement he said, “Selectors also need to check his temperament and how he bounces back after an off day. Consistency in fitness and temperament are the other aspects that selectors will look at. Initially, he had the surprise element working in his favor, but now batters and think tanks will try to work out how to face him. So, how he manages to overcome that hurdle will be key. So Yadav has to tick two more boxes.”

Apr 13, 2024 10:21 AM