Big statement of Anurag Thakur regarding Champions Trophy 2025

The Union Minister Anurag Thakur delivered a strong response to a question on whether the Indian Cricket Team would travel to Pakistan to play Champions Trophy 2025. The question becomes pertinent with Pakistan pushing for India’s participation in the prestigious trophy. However, Thakur, a former BCCI president, said India would visit Pakistan only when the neighbouring country stops its terrorist activities.

Since 2008, India have not visited Pakistan. Last year, Asia Cup was supposed to be held in Pakistan. But due to India’s insistence at not travelling to Pakistan, the tournament was organised in a hybrid format. There has been a ban on Pakistan players to play in IPL after 2008 on the aftermath of 26/11.

Now, the question about the Indian team visiting Pakistan has surfaced again as Champions Trophy 2005 nears. Getting India to play in Pakistan will be a huge financial boost for PCB, and hence PCB is pulling all stops to ensure India visit Pakistan for the tournament.

Anurag Thakur was asked the question in a media session recently. Thakur said, “The BCCI has to decide that. But when I was the BCCI president I had said that two things can’t run at a single time. You can’t expect to play India in your country while carrying out terrorist activities in India. You’ll have to stop shooting at India first, stop hurling bombs at us, stop terrorism. Whenever Pakistan stop terrorist activities, India will go to Pakistan and play cricket. This is my personal opinion.“


Apr 5, 2024 10:23 AM