Ben Stokes on Virat Kohli’s absence from IND vs ENG says, ‘Everyone wants to see him on the field’

The skipper of England Test cricket team Ben Stokes opened up about star Indian cricketer Virat Kohli not being part of the IND vs. ENG Test series and said that everyone wants to see the Indian maestro on field.
Speaking to the reporters on the eve of the Rajkot Test, Stokes talked about Kohli’s absence from the series and admitted that everyone wants to see the best players playing.
Stokes said in the press conference that “everyone wants to see Virat Kohli on the field. You want the best players playing, and Virat is one of them. I wish him the best and hope he comes back soon on the cricket field.”
It is to be noted that Kohli withdrew from the Test series, citing personal reasons. When asked about his thoughts on completing 100 tests, Stokes claimed that the feat doesn’t make much of a difference.
The England skipper added, “Every test is as important as the next one. It’s a sign of longevity, but 99, 100, or 101 don’t make much difference. It’s just a number.”

Feb 14, 2024 9:38 AM