Before the World Cup 2023 Clash Against Pakistan, Jasprit Bumrah says, "Don't know what is going on around the world"

The star fast bowler of Team India, Jasprit Bumrah, said he backs his strengths and skills and doesn't think much about the results. While speaking at a press conference before the high-octane clash with Pakistan on Saturday, he said during India's previous match against Afghanistan, the ball was coming really well on the bat from the very first over, which is why the pacers tried to hit hard lengths in a bid to induce batters into playing "difficult shots".
Sharing his excitement about playing in front of his home crowd for the first time in a World Cup, Bumrah said, "I just go with my preparation; I go with the process that I feel is right to read the wickets and try to find the best answers that work on those wickets. As simple as that. I am not thinking about the results because I have gotten results against Afghanistan. I try to use my strengths, read the wickets, and give my best. See, obviously, in this format, you have to understand what is working. So some days there would be some swings, so your lengths would change, but this wicket against Afghanistan was quite a batting deck that we realized early on as well when we started bowling."
He further added that there was a little bit of seam, but the ball was coming on to the bat really well from the first over, so we realized that. So, we were just trying to hit the hard length, try to make it as difficult as possible, and try to make them hit difficult shots. So that was the plan, and probably we were trying to do that. I am a little detached; I do not know what is going on in the world, so I just look at what I have to do on a particular day. Obviously, reading the game and my strengths is what has worked for me in the past as well; keeping all of those things in mind, I will keep going forward.”



Oct 13, 2023 5:18 AM