Before the Clash with Sri Lanka, Pakistan's Great Blunt Message to the Team

India really did a favor for the Pakistan cricket team by defeating Sri Lanka in the second Super 4 match of the Asia Cup. Now Babar Azam's men only have to defeat Sri Lanka in their final Super 4 match to make it to the title decider. Before the final, Pakistan great Ramiz Raja has a blunt message for the team: avoid social media and television.
In a video on his YouTube channel, Ramiz Raja said that the victory of Team India over Sri Lanka has given Pakistan a ray of hope ahead of the must-win clash on Thursday.
Ramiz said, "India has given Pakistan a ray of hope with the win over Sri Lanka. Now we've got to see if Pakistan can take advantage of that or whether they will be low on spirits because of the defeat against India. They need some time off the game; they have to be mentally switched off. They have a reserve day. They've got a good two-day rest period where they shouldn't think of cricket or the defeat but get together and talk."
While giving important advice to the players of Pakistan, Raja said that players should go to the swimming pool and chill. He also highlighted the importance of captain Babur Salam trying to unite the players in trying times.
He said, "If anyone needs special practice, they can take it. Go to the pool, relax. Don't touch social media; don't watch television channels. There won't be anything good there because the whole of Pakistan is disappointed. Get united. You point fingers at each other after such defeats, that too against India. That shouldn't happen. I'm sure Babar Azam has united this team really well, and his work is to assure his players and get the team high in spirit ahead of the Sri Lanka clash."

Sep 14, 2023 5:57 AM