Batsman Survives Sure-shot Run out as Wicketkeeper forgets to remove bails

Although cricket often sees smart strategies and glorious action, sometimes there are brain-fade moments too, which leads to funny situations that are beyond the apprehension of most. The same was visible in a video that has been shared widely on social media platforms. In the video clip, a group of players can be seen in a local cricket match, and after miscommunication between the two batters, one of the two falls woefully short of the crease. He is even mocked by the rival wicketkeeper as he gestures to remove the bails. The batsman is clearly frustrated as he dejectedly walks towards the crease. The wicketkeeper then starts celebrating, although prematurely. As he walks to one of his teammates, the batter, who was almost sure to be run out, walks back to the crease and points out that the bails had not been removed. The umpire agrees, as now it's time for the batter to celebrate.

Watch the video here.




May 23, 2023 2:25 PM