Australian all-rounder Cameron Green says he has chronic kidney disease

The all-rounder of the Australian cricket team, Cameron Green, has revealed that he was born with an irreversible chronic kidney disease, which at one stage put his life expectancy at 12 years. The lanky all-rounder, who is a vital part of the Australian cricket team, said that the disease has no symptoms and is irreversible. Green said, "My parents got told when I was born that I had chronic kidney disease; basically, there's no symptoms; it was just picked up through ultrasound.”
The 24-year-old revealed that his kidney function is currently at about 60 percent, which is stage two, with stage five needing a transplant or dialysis. “Chronic kidney disease is basically a progressive disease of your kidney's health function. Unfortunately, mine don't filter the blood as well as other kidneys."
He further revealed that, "Fortunately, I'm in stage two, but if you don't look after them enough, it easily goes back down. Kidneys can't get better. It's irreversible. So any way you can find to slow the progression, you basically try and do."
The condition was detected when Green's mother, Tarcy, had her 19-week pregnancy scan.



Dec 14, 2023 12:36 PM