Australia World Cup winner on where the contest will be won

The cricket world is waiting for the much-awaited clash between the India and Pakistan cricket teams at the Asia Cup 2023 in Sri Lanka on Saturday. The match will be closely watched, as will the individual performances of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma before the Cricket World Cup. The performance in the Asia Cup 2023 will be a great indicator of where the players form lies ahead of the Cricket World Cup. Brad Hogg, the former Cricket World Cup-winning Australian leg spinner, believes the contest between Shaheen Shah Afridi and the Indian cricket team's top order will decide the fate of the marquee India vs. Pakistan clash.
Hogg said backstage with Boria that "I definitely will be watching it. It is one of the biggest contests that we can have. Look, politics gets in the way of sports everywhere. It's here in Australia, in England, everywhere. We are just missing the rivalry between the two countries on the cricket field. It will be better for Pakistan as well because they will get exposure. We want those contests to happen. India has a more dominant batting style. Pakistan, with their pace attack, has a slight advantage, especially with left-armer Shaheen Afridi. He is a quality bowler. When you have a left-arm fast bowler who swings the ball with pace and gets them to come in for the right-handers, it does make it difficult."
While talking about Rohit Sharma, he said that "I think Shaheen will have a chance with the deliveries that come in against right-handers. If Pakistan can expose Virat Kohli early in the contest against the new ball in front of Shaheen Afridi, the contest between Shaheen and the Indian top three will be decisive. So, for me, that's going to be where the game will be won and lost between India and Pakistan."


Aug 31, 2023 4:55 AM