As the debate continues to rage In IPL 2024, Ravi Shastri backs the ‘Impact Player’ rule

In the Indian Premier League, the introduction of the Impact Player rule has sparked heated discussions amongst players, coaches, and fans. While some see it as a burden on all-rounders, former Indian coach Ravi Shastri stands firmly behind it, citing its contribution to exciting finishes.
In a recent appearance on the YouTube channel of Ravichandran Ashwin, Shastri advocated for the rule, stating, “The Impact Player is good. You have to evolve with the times.” He highlighted similar innovations in other sports and pointed towards the dramatic finishes witnessed in the 2024 IPL season. For Shastri, the rule’s impact on match intensity is undeniable.
Ashwin countered concerns about all-rounders’ development, using the example of DhruvJurel. Jurel, who started as an impact player in IPL 2023, went on to make his Test debut for India within a year.
Former head coach Ravi Shastri acknowledges the initial resistance to the new rules but believes that as players experience close finishes and witness individual brilliance, perceptions will shift. He emphasises that high-scoring encounters and impactful performances will lead to a re-evaluation of the rule.

May 14, 2024 7:20 AM