As Rahul Dravid tries to defend his batters, Sunil Gavaskar gives an epic "Dadas in India" comment

The Indian cricket team once again fielded to perform when it was needed the most, as Australia defeated them by a big margin of 209 runs in the ICC World Test Championship finals. Both the bowling and batting departments of India hardly manage to create an impact. After the defeat, head coach Rahul Dravid had to answer some hard questions, particularly from his former teammates Saurabh Ganguly and Harbhajan Singh.
However, Sunil Gavaskar was in no mood to buy Rahul Dravid's point that the same players who are "Dadas in India" falter in overseas conditions.
Gavaskar said, "It doesn't matter what the other players' averages are. We are talking about the Indian team now. The Indian players' averages are falling; something has to be done. The bat is the one that is causing problems. Why is it happening? That's something we need to look at. You bat well in India; you are the 'dadas' in India, but then some of them falter outside."
While answering the question about the level of coaching in the Indian team, Gavaskar said that it is not about wins and losses but the manner in which defeats hurt the most.
As he said, "Is the level of coaching not what you require? Is there not much analysis about areas where you lack? Honest self-assessment is an absolute necessity after this. One team is going to win, and one is going to lose. It's how you lose, that's the thing. That hurts."

Jun 13, 2023 2:23 PM