As Batters’ Carnage Storms IPL 2024, Dale Steyn Admits To Jasprit Bumrah's Status As "God"

For some of the bowlers, the past few weeks have been demoralising because of the amazing batting displays by batters in the IPL. Steyn asserted that a good bowler would be considered 'God' in today's times.
Dale posted on Twitter, "I could make a joke and say I'm glad I'm retired and no longer bowling, but... It's always a good time to be a bowler; if you can make yourself the best, you'll be a wanted god among mere mortals. The slayer of rampaging runs! Insensitive's have never been higher. I'd want to be a bowler more than anything!"
A fan, reacting to Steyn’s post, said, “Just shorten it and say, “Be a Jasprit Bumrah!” The South African legend had no hesitation in admitting that Bumrah is one such bowler who is dominating proceedings despite the equation tilting overwhelmingly in favour of batters.
Steyn replied to the fan, saying, “Well, exactly that.”


Apr 25, 2024 5:05 AM