Amid the Newlands Pitch Debate in the 2nd Test, Mohammed Siraj's Honest Verdict

The second Test between India and South Africa is nearing its conclusion within the first two days. A total of 23 wickets fell on the first day itself, prompting the fans and pundits of the game to contemplate if the Newlands pitch had demons in it that prompted such a batting collapse. Mohammed Siraj, who took six wickets in the first innings, addressed the media after the end of play on Day 1 and was understandably asked about his assessment of the pitch. The India pacer, however, said that he didn't think it was a 55-all-out pitch when he took a look at it ahead of the start of play in Cape Town on Wednesday.

Siraj said in a statement, "When I saw the wicket in the morning, it didn't feel like it was a 55-all-out wicket. It was quite sunny, so I didn't expect the pitch to assist that much. Also, bowling is all about partnerships. There was consistent pressure from Jasprit Bumrah at the other end. He didn't get many wickets, but he created a lot of pressure.”

Siraj also revealed his plan, as he stuck to keeping the same line and length instead of experimentation in a bid to reap the sort of rewards he did on Day 1.

Siraj said, "On these wickets, where the ball is doing so much, often bowlers tend to think, 'Let me try and bowl an outswinger darting from leg to off or get one to bend back from angle, but one should just stick to one line. If you hit areas, wickets will come automatically. If you try many things, you can get confused.”

Jan 4, 2024 5:30 AM