Amid the Cricket World Cup Debacle Mohammad Amir's statement on Pakistan's system

Former fast bowler of Pakistan team Mohammad Amir feels the'system' shouldn't be blamed for the performance of the team. He said, "What is the system? It is not a wall. Five and six people have been given responsibility to run Pakistan cricket. A captain is also one of them. In 1992, under Imran Khan, we won the World Cup; the system was the same. In 1999, our team was a world-beater and reached the finals. We won the 2009 T20 World Cup with the same system; we won the 2017 Champions Trophy under the same system.”

Amir also gave the example of England's struggles in the World Cup, asking if Jos Buttler was also a part of Pakistan's system.

Amir continued, saying, "Babar has been captain for the past four years. He has built his team on his own. Buttler is not part of our system; then why did England play so badly? Does the system in England also need a makeover? After the 2015 debacle, Morgan said, I want to play this brand of cricket; I want these 25 players.”

He added, "The system remained the same; it was the captain who changed his mindset. As long as the captain's mindset does not change, the system can do nothing. Was it the system that told him not to play Abrar Ahmad or bench Fakhar after the first match?"

He also said, "We say Dhoni changed India's cricket, but he never changed the system. People kept saying, For how long will he keep giving Jadeja and Ashwin chances? And now we say Jadeja is the world's best all-rounder. MS Dhoni has given them the team.”

Nov 14, 2023 7:02 AM