Amid Maldives Row, MS Dhoni’s video is viral

As the cricket fraternity rises in solidarity against the anti-India comments made by a few ministers from the Maldives, a video featuring MS Dhoni has gone viral. Though the former Indian cricket team captain isn't someone who takes to social media to share his opinions on trending topics, an old video of his has clarified his stance on the Indian Islands vs. Maldives debate. In the video, Dhoni could be heard saying that he wants to start his leisure travel journey in India before exploring other countries.
Dhoni said in a video, "Mostly, I do travel a lot, but not for vacations. Frankly, if you ask me, I have not been on a lot of vacations. During my cricket playing time, mostly I would go to nations where cricket was played. I haven't seen a lot because I was like, I have come here to play cricket; I will play cricket and come back. So, not a lot of fun that way.”
Watch the video.
He said, "My wife loves to travel. So, now our plan is... we are getting some time off; we want to travel. But we want to start with India. We have so many beautiful places over here. I would like to explore them first before heading to different places.”


Jan 8, 2024 11:16 AM