Amazing Response of MS Dhoni on Being Asked Why He Was Bowling to "Competitor" Dinesh Karthik

MS Dhoni, who is a wicketkeeper and batsman, loves to bowl in the nets. On many occasions, he has been spotted bowling in the nets, even though he doesn't do that in the match. Back in 2004, when Dhoni was only a reserve player, former opener Aakash Chopra spotted him bowling to Dinesh Karthik in the nets. On being asked about the decision by Aakash Chopra, Dhoni gave one amazing answer.

Sharing an interesting incident from 2004, Chopra revealed that he had asked Dhoni about his decision to bowl to Karthik in the stumps, even though they were competing for the same spot.

Chopra said in the video that "It was the year 2004 when India A had the tour of Kenya and Zimbabwe. MS Dhoni was the reserve keeper, and Dinesh Karthik played in the XI. Once, as he was bowling to Karthik in the nets, I asked Dhoni, 'Why are you bowling to him? He is your direct competition. If he does well, you don't play in the XI. You should practise batting or keeping. Why bowling?' To this, Dhoni said, 'Please don't stop me. I want to bowl. If you want to bat, you can; I will bowl to you too."

Reflecting back on the incident, Chopra has realised that Dhoni wasn't competing with Karthik but only himself, as he further said in the video: "When I look back, I realise the meaning of that incident and understand why only he has been able to achieve what he has. Dhoni wasn't competing against Dinesh Karthik or anyone else. He was competing with himself. So, there's the lesson. Be the best version of yourself because you are your biggest competition."



Jun 21, 2023 8:58 AM