Ahead of the 2024 edition in the West Indies/USA, the ICC T20 World Cup has unveiled a new logo.

On Thursday, the ICC T20 World Cup got a makeover, with a new logo unveiled for the marquee event of T20I cricket. On Thursday, the ICC issued a statement saying, "The pinnacle of international T20 cricket just got a vibrant makeover with the unveiling of the new visual identity for the ICC T20 World Cup. This global cricket spectacle, renowned for its fast-paced action and electrifying moments, will now be represented by a dynamic brand identity that captures the essence of the game's relentless energy.”

Watch the video.

The logo, a creative fusion of bat, ball, and energy, symbolises the core elements of international T20 cricket. The T20 lettering dynamically transforms into a swinging 'bat,' encapsulated within a dynamic 'ball.' This visual representation underscores the pulsating drama inherent in every ball bowled and highlights how a single swing of the bat can alter the course of the game. The 'strike' graphic within the ball mirrors the unique atmosphere and electric energy experienced at International T20 World Cup matches, with a zig-zag pattern alluding to rising excitement and heart-pounding moments, akin to a strike of lightning.


Dec 7, 2023 9:36 AM