After the loss to South Africa, Rohit Sharma's sharp counter

The captain of Indian cricket team Rohit Sharma defended his batters after a crushing innings and 32 runs defeat to South Africa in the first Test in Centurion on Thursday. Trailing South Africa at the end of the first inning by 163 runs, India was bowled out for 131 in the second inning, despite Virat Kohli's 76. While Kohli held the lead in the second inning, KL Rahul had scored a century in the first inning.

While highlighting the Rohit the recent performances of team India against Australia and England, saying that the players have done exceptionally well in both departments in the past few years.

After the match, Rohit said, "Yes, we had a performance like this here. But don't forget what we did in Australia and England. In Australia, we won the series, there our batters stepped up. In England, we drew a series; we shone with both bat and ball.”

He added, "These types of performances happen. It's not that we don't know how to bat outside India. At times, opponents play better than us and win matches. I think that's what happened here. It's not like the opposition batted 110 overs and we didn't bat as many, putting together both innings. In the last 4 tours outside India, go and see our records batting numbers.”


Dec 30, 2023 10:51 AM