After the India vs Ireland T20 WC match, Siraj wins the ‘Best Fielder’ award and receives a medal from a young fan

India’s pace spearhead, Mohammed Siraj, emerged as a double hero in their dominant T20 World Cup victory against Ireland. Not only did he impress with the ball, but his exceptional fielding also earned him the ‘Best Fielder’ award of the match in India’s dressing room.
The presentation of the award itself added a heartwarming touch to the occasion. A young Indian fan residing in New York had the privilege of handing Mohammed Siraj his well-deserved medal.

Watch the video here.
One of the fans wrote on the social media platform, “Mohammad Siraj won the Best Fielder of the Match Medal against Ireland. A little boy presented the medal. This is beautiful.” Another fan wrote, “Mohammad Siraj hugged the little child who presented the Best Fielder medal to him in the dressing room. A lovely moment.” And so on. 
Siraj, clearly touched by the gesture, embraced the young fan and even clicked a picture with him, creating a lasting memory for both. His fielding prowess was on full display throughout the match. His efforts culminated in a moment of brilliance in the 16th over of Ireland’s innings.
Displaying exceptional athleticism, Siraj launched a powerful throw from deep point, finding its mark perfectly on the bounce for wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant.



Jun 6, 2024 5:30 AM