After the ICC suspends Sri Lanka Cricket BCCI, PCB catch strays

Following a disappointing World Cup 2023 campaign that ended with only 2 victories out of 9 matches, Sri Lanka Cricket faced additional setbacks as the International Cricket Council suspended the Sri Lanka Cricket Board on Friday. The ICC justified this drastic measure, stating that it was a response to government interference in the administration of cricket in Sri Lanka. In the aftermath of the ICC’s suspension of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board on Friday, both the BCCI and PCB are facing repercussions. The suspension’s timing for SLC is very unfortunate, considering that there are only seven months remaining until the ICC T20 World Cup in 2024.

The critics of the BCCI and PCB have alleged the interference of the government in the workings of the respective boards. Jay Shah and Rajeev Shukla were the main faces to catch strays on the prestigious Indian board.

One of the user wrote, "Afghanistan, which doesn't have a women's team, is allowed to play scot-free. Pakistan, which has a new board every day thanks to the government, doesn't get punished. BCCI's secretary is the Home Minister's son, but yes, Sri Lanka is the problem. That's why this game will never grow, whereas another user wrote, “ICC suspended the Sri Lanka cricket team for interference by the government in Sri Lanka cricket. Meanwhile, in India, our government doesn't interfere with Indian cricket, but they appoint the home minister's son as BCCI secretary.” One more user wrote, “Dear @ICC India’s cricket board is headed by a man who got that job simply because he’s the son of the Home Minister of India. Pretty posh of you to do this, but then ICC = BCCI basically.


Nov 11, 2023 11:49 AM