After Pakistan suffered 7 wicket defeat, Virat Kohli gave two Team India Shirts to Babar Azam

in the cricket World Cup 2023 match on Saturday against India Pakistan cricket team produce quite an underwhelming performance as they suffered a defeat of 7 wickets. As team Pakistan fans were reflecting on their embarrassing defeat a gesture involving their captain Babar and premium batsman of team India Virat Kohli went viral on social media platform seeing Kohli and a couple of team India T-shirts to Babar however Pakistan Legend Wasim Akram was not happy with this.
In a chat, Akram criticised Babar for getting t-shirts from Kohli on the field, in front of cameras, with the visual being played repeatedly on television sets across the globe. Akram said that even if Babar had to ask Kohli for shirts, it should've been done away from the cameras, in the dressing room.
He said, “That's what I exactly said when I saw the picture [getting the shirts publicly, not privately]. Today was not the day to do this. If you want to do it - (agar chache ke puttar ne keh diya hai ki t-shirt chahiye kohli ki) if your uncle's son has asked you to get Kohli's shirt - then do it after the game in the dressing room.”
Watch the video here.
After the game, Babar admitted that his team was far from convincing in the match. While Pakistan's target was 280-290 runs, they could only reach 191.


Oct 15, 2023 6:49 AM