After his blazing debut, Sarfaraz Khan gets an unexpected phone call. 'Did I play well?'

Debutant Sarfaraz Khan was in for a pleasant surprise after the 26-year-old got his India career off to a rollicking start. On Thursday, Sarfaraz, who had long waited to play for India, realized his dream when he was picked in the XI for the third Test against England in Rajkot. He made the occasion even more special by scoring fifty on his debut. Sarfaraz scored 66, way fewer runs than Rohit Sharma's 131 and Ravindra Jadeja's 110, but his innings almost overshadowed the knocks from his senior India teammates.
Sarfaraz had more than just done his job and capped off a memorable day with a phone call from brother Musheer. The younger of the two Khan brothers, recently coming off India’s runner-up campaign at the Under-19 World Cup, video-called Sarfaraz to congratulate him on his 66-ball blitzkrieg. And here is how the conversation went.

Here is the video.
Sarfaraz: Musheer! Greetings Brother… How are you?
Musheer: I am fine, brother. Well played.
Sarfaraz: Thank you. Was I playing well?
Musheer: Number one, brother. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Sarfaraz: You will also represent India one day. Look at this (he shows his India cap).
Musheer: I got a little worried.
Sarfaraz: When did I play the sweep shots? The field was full.
Musheer: When you top-edged the ball while playing a shot to Joe Root. I was watching, and the moment I saw the ball pass the fielder, I knew it was safe.
Sarfaraz: Alright! OK, brother. I will call you once I get to my hotel room.
It truly was special for Sarfaraz, who, by the end of the day, was able to share his special day with his near and dear ones.

Feb 16, 2024 4:51 AM