After getting picked up for the Asia Cup 2023, Tilak Varma thanks Captain Rohit Sharma for his support

The young batsman of team India, Tilak Varma, expressed his sincere gratitude towards the captain of team India, Rohit Sharma, for his constant support and guidance after being picked in the Indian squad for the Asia Cup 2023. Varma revealed how Rohit Sharma has always stood by him, providing words of encouragement and helping him overcome nervousness on the field.
Varma said, "Rohit bhaiya always backed me. When I was playing in the IPL, he used to come near me. I was a bit nervous when I was in the IPL at the start, so he only came near me and talked about the game and said that you should always enjoy your game and always feel free. Whenever you want to talk, you can come any time for me or text me so I'll be there for you."
Varma also talked about his growth as a player, saying that he has been able to express himself not only in the IPL but also in other matches. He also revealed his frequent conversations with Rohit Sharma while highlighting the captain's advice to enjoy the game.
Varma added, "I have expressed myself in the IPL, and I'm expressing myself everywhere. Yeah, I always talk with him, So yeah, every time. He said that there was only one thing to enjoy: your game. So that's what I'm doing. Yeah, I'm very happy that I'm in, and I want to do well there as well. I want to enjoy what I'm doing now. I just want to enjoy there as well."



Aug 22, 2023 11:42 AM