According to AB de Villiers Shubman, Gill will be the World Cup's leading run scorer

AB de Villiers has predicted that the opener of the India cricket team, Shubman Gill, is going to be the leading run-getter of the ODI World Cup. He further described the comeback of R. Ashwin as unbelievable and not good news for the other teams.
De Villiers delved into the Shubman technique and says it is as simple as it gets. He said, “His technique and style are quite simple and basic, generally what you say about some of the best players in the world.”
De Villiers further said, “You get some exception like Steve Smith, who has got a very different technique; he jumps across the crease, gets down the wicket, or gets out of the crease in the line of the bowlers channels specifically in the Test cricket, but he also dies in the ODIs.
“Whereas Shubman Gill is a much more traditional, very straight-forward technique, He doesn’t try a lot of different things. He does have a lot of strength because he can change gears and put a lot of pressure on the bowlers.
Ab de Villiers also said, “In the IPL, we saw that front arm pull off relatively full length, which wasn’t even short. He has this incredible ability to pick up the length very quickly. You generally see that there are some of the best players in the world, and Shubman is very quickly becoming one of them.”
While concluding his statement, he said, “He is still young, which is incredible because he looks like an experienced campaigner already. We are going to hear a lot about him in the future and in this World Cup, as I think he is going to be the top run scorer.”

Sep 26, 2023 4:39 AM