Accident Near Ekana Stadium; As a Heavy Sign Board Fell Down in a Strong Storm, Many People Buried

On Monday, an accident happened near Ekana Stadium where a heavy board fell down because of the strong storm, and more than 20 people were buried. In an emergency, this information was given to the police, after which relief and rescue work started.

As per the information, around 4.30 pm, a heavy glossine board of Ekana Stadium fell in the strong wind as it was put on the iron angle on the road just in front of the stadium. Many cars, bike riders, and passersby were buried under the board as the incident created chaos.
People buried under the board were screaming, and the passengers ran away in order to start moving people out. Several officers, including the team of Gomtinagar Extension, Sushant Golf City Police, and Gomtinagar Fire Station, arrived. People started being evacuated by removing iron angles and debris from the board by installing a JCB and crane.

Many of the people were seriously injured in this accident and were taken to the regional hospital. FSO Shivdas Prasad of Gomtinagar told me that the police and fire brigade teams have saved many people, and relief and rescue work is still going on. The board was quite big, which is being tried to be removed.

Jun 5, 2023 1:30 PM