Abhishek Nayar says Rinku Sigh is among the very few players who can take on bowlers

Former cricketer of the Indian Cricket Team Abhishek Nayar praised the amazing performance of Rinku Singh while highlighting Rinku's ability to take on bowlers. Abhishek praised the debut innings of Rinku Singh while saying that he did not seem like a newcomer in international cricket due to his confident and commanding approach at the crease.
Nayar said, "I'm very happy. When Rinku started his inning, he was 15 off 15, if I remember. And then from there on, to go and get 30, it just tells you the caliber, and I've said this before."
He also said that "there are very few players in international cricket who can take on bowlers the way he does. Once he got going, I felt he showed a lot. From ball one, it didn't feel like it was international cricket for him. He's never felt like he was stuck in his batting, and those are things I often look at. I look at a batter when they walk into international cricket. How comfortable they were."




Aug 21, 2023 8:32 AM