AB de Villiers roots for the Impact Rule in IPL 2024 and sees no harm in

The Impact Rule in IPL 2024 hasn’t been appreciated by the players or the fans. While the likes of Rohit Sharma and Axar Patel are criticising it, Protean great AB de Villiers has claimed that he doesn’t see much harm in it. ABD claimed that the Indian Premier League currently favours the batters, and it is too early for him to take a call on it.
On his YouTube channel, De Villiers said, “It is the batter’s game at the moment. They are having a feast, and it doesn’t help that the wickets have been incredibly good at the IPL. I was excited when it was introduced. It’s too early for me to call it, but I personally don’t see too much harm in it.”
ABD has claimed that IPL is currently mainly for batters. Even the pitches have favoured the batters, with little to nothing to offer for the bowlers. In fact, both sides have managed to score 200+ runs with relative ease. ABD claimed that he was excited when the rule was implemented. And since it is still in its early phases, he sees no harm in his rule.


Apr 25, 2024 7:15 AM