A video of Pakistani star Azam Khan wiping sweat using currency notes went viral

The star of the Pakistan cricket team, Azam Khan, was slammed on social media for pretending to wipe sweat off his forehead using currency notes. It isn't often that the Pakistan cricket team and its players successfully manage to stay away from controversies, and episodes like these explain exactly why. 
As Azam Khan wiped sweat off his forehead, Pakistan captain Babar Azam could be heard teasing him while recording the video. Fans on social media couldn't digest the insensitive act by Pakistani cricketers.
In the video, Babar could be heard asking Azam, “Abba, kyahuahai? Garmihai?”. Khan then says, “Bahotzyadagarmihai,"  and is then seen wiping his sweat with British currency notes. Babar, among others, was heard laughing because of Azam’s act. The video has been branded ‘shameless’ by many on social media.

Watch the video here.
It wasn’t a pleasing sight for fans to see Azam Khan using currency notes in such a manner. Many users on social media even called him out for ‘mocking ‘the poor’. 
One of the fans said, “Pakistani, awam, like you are really a bunch of insensitive jerks. People are dying due to the food shortage in Pakistan, and this guy, instead of donating money to them, is paying for internet wifi and an expensive mobile while sitting under a roof and mocking poor people.” Another fan wrote, “Apart from a rare few in Pakistan's sporting history, none have the charisma, impact, or influence of any kind—nothing for a young kid to aspire to." The current lot is just hopeless.”


May 22, 2024 9:07 AM