A Strict Plan has been Proposed by MCC to reduce 50-over cricket

The Marylebone Cricket Club, the overseers of the laws of the game, has pushed for extra funding in order to protect Test cricket and the women's game and also suggested a significant reduction in ODIs after the 2027 World Cup. In a recent meeting that was held at Lord's, the 13-member MCC World Cricket Committee proposed "removing bilateral ODIs other than in the one year preceding each World Cup".
While keeping the crowded calendar in mind, the panel made this suggestion, which features T20 domestic franchise leagues around the world.
In a statement posted on its website, MCC said that "The committee questioned the role men's one-day international cricket now plays outside of ICC World Cups and recommended it be significantly reduced following the completion of the 2027 ICC Men's World Cup."
"The suggestion is that a scarcity of ODI cricket would increase the quality, achieved by removing bilateral ODIs other than in the one-year preceding each World Cup. This would, as a consequence, also create much-needed space in the global cricket calendar." The MCC committee proposed extra funding in order to keep the five-day format significant and alive.



Jul 13, 2023 3:45 AM