A former Indian cricketer fumes at the ICC over the format of the WTC

After the defeat of Team India in the finals of the WTC, many experts and former cricketers have been expressing their opinions regarding this. Former India batsman Aakash Chopra has also come up with an interesting idea for the upcoming WTC cycle.
The former batter has stated that, being an ICC event, WTC should also host the Test matches between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, as it would grab a lot of attention from the fans and would be a great start to the cycle.
Chopra said on his YouTube channel that "you don't play against all teams. But this is the WTC; it's an ICC event. It has been four years now. Can you imagine an ICC event without India vs. Pakistan? This can never happen. It's always at the start of the tournament, so it gets off to a great start commercially. It gets the highest rating, and people make money."
He further said that, "So, is WTC not an ICC event? It's an ICC match; they host the final. So, all the matches that take place in the cycle should be under the purview of the ICC. It will be six years, and you haven't had a single India-Pakistan series. This is also an ICC event. If it's not, make it clear. Call it bilateral cricket and accept that you have made WTC just to glamorise Tests."


Jun 16, 2023 10:26 AM