A fan credited Irfan Pathan for helping the IPL duo with “problems because of Krunal Pandya”

The Indian Premier League often helps the country in revealing new cricket talent. This is the same story for the star players of Royal Challengers Bangalore, Swapnil Singh and Deepak Hooda, who have been doing brilliant stuff regularly in the T20 league. Both Swapnil and Hooda, who both play for Baroda in domestic cricket, reportedly went through plenty of issues in the team at Baroda, especially with skipper Krunal Pandya, while Hooda's troubles with the captain haven't been hidden from the Indian cricketing fraternity either.
A social media user thanked former India all-rounder Irfan Pathan for lending his helping hand as the duo went into a cricketing crisis at Baroda after seeing the duo showcase their talent in the IPL.
A fan wrote on X, “Thank you so much, @IrfanPathan Saab, for helping players like Deepak Hooda and Swapnil Singh, who were facing so many problems in the Baroda cricket team because of their captain, Krunal Pandya. The fans of Indian cricket will not forget your contributions.”
In reply to the post, Irfan said, “They were working hard when no one was watching. It’s their positive attitude and persistence that took them where they are.”


May 23, 2024 1:28 PM