A Cryptic Post of Kieron Pollard's Triggers Mumbai Indians Fans

Former West Indies captain and current Mumbai Indians batting coach Kieron Pollard left the social media world in a frenzy with a cryptic post on Instagram. In the post, Pollard spoke about 'loyalty', leaving fans wondering what the statement could be in connection to. Some fans were quick to link the post to the Mumbai Indians' decision to replace captain Rohit Sharma with Hardik Pandya, suggesting Pollard's post could be in connection with what happened at the IPL franchise.

Pollard post read, "Once the rain is over, an umbrella becomes a burden to everyone. That's how loyalty ends when benefits stop.”

To this, fans of Mumbai Indians went crazy as one of the fans wrote, “Is he targeting Mumbai Indians?” Another fan wrote, “Not a single person is happy with the Mumbai Indians decision to end one  family.

Earlier, the Global Head of Cricket of the Mumbai Indians’ Mahela Jayawardene also admitted that the decision to replace Rohit with Hardik was an emotional one but had to be taken in lieu of the future.


Jan 7, 2024 9:36 AM