A businessman from Surat is planning to gift a diamond bat to Virat Kohli in order to celebrate his 15 years of international cricket

A businessman from Surat who is a big fan of cricket is planning to show his gratitude by gifting a diamond bat to one of the best cricketers of Team India in order to celebrate the 15 years of his international cricket career, Virat Kohli. This bat is made up of natural diamonds.
The Surat native gifted the talisman batsman a 1.04-carat diamond-studded bat before the World Cup this year, where Kohli will be expected to carry the weight of the nation on his shoulders once again.
The bat, which is made up of diamond, is said to have cost upwards of 10 lakh rupees and took 3 days to be prepared by Utpal Mistry, a diamond technology expert who is based in Surat.
While referring to the ornate bat, Mistry said, "A top cricketer in the country was to be gifted a natural diamond bat. We had the idea, and we kept the skin of a rough diamond until polished. This was a very clear instruction because it was going to be a top Indian cricketer. He wanted to gift a natural diamond and not a lab-grown diamond."


Aug 19, 2023 6:01 AM